A Life Well Built

We pride ourselves on being builders.

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Our vision

A life of quality is something that we all strive for. At H & W, we devote our life’s work to building homes that enhance the lifestyle of our residents, and their communities. As builders, we are committed to developing aesthetically desirable spaces that are built for longevity. Our goal is to create iconic neighborhood landmarks that endure. With 20 years of experience, we’ve worked to ensure solid foundations have been made, and that quality is never compromised.

This is A Life Well Built™.



Tarion Building Confidence

Tarion is a not-for-profit consumer protection organization established by the Ontario government to administer the province’s new home warranty program. For over 40 years, Tarion has served new home buyers and new home owners by ensuring that one of their life’s biggest investments is protected. By law, all new homes built in Ontario are provided with a warranty by the builder. Tarion’s role is to ensure that buyers of newly built homes in Ontario receive the coverage they are entitled to under their builder’s warranty.

Canadian Home Builders

Since 1943, the Canadian Home Builders' Association (CHBA) has been "the voice of Canada's residential construction industry." Representing one of the largest industry sectors in Canada, our membership is made up of some 9,000 companies – including home builders, renovators, land developers, trade contractors, product and material manufacturers, building product suppliers, lending institutions, insurance providers, and service professionals. CHBA seeks a strong and positive role for the housing industry in Canada’s economy and in the life and development of the communities. In addressing this goal, they support the business success of their members.

Building Industry and Land Development Association

The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) is the voice of the home building, residential and non-residential land development and professional renovation industries in the Greater Toronto Area. Our more than 1,300 member companies come from all corners of the industry. In addition to home builders, land developers, and professional RenoMark™ renovators, BILD members include financial and professional service companies, trade contractors, and manufacturers and suppliers of all types of home-oriented products.

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The Core Company Values

We are constantly growing, learning, and improving and our partners are steadily increasing. 200 projects is a sizable number.

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